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November 2, 2012 / sadhbhanu

Wreckage Left in Sandy’s Wake tests New Yorker’s famous Resilience



THE SUN was shining yesterday and the memories of howling wind and rain that brought New York to a standstill on Monday night are fading.

But although this city is no stranger to catastrophe, both natural and man-made, the wreckage left in Sandy’s wake is testing the city’s resilience. What could have been described on Wednesday as a “spirit of the blitz” mood turned to frayed nerves yesterday as the ongoing power outages have driven many people out of their apartments, forced businesses in half of the city to close and left millions of people without viable means of getting to and from their jobs.

As of yesterday afternoon, lower Manhattan was still without power, creating a surreal situation reminiscent of cold war Berlin where half of the city was overloading on business as usual, while the other, by force of circumstances, was taking a break from it all in the dark. On the east side, 40th street is separating those with power and those without. On the west side 25th street is the demarcation line.


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