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September 23, 2011 / sadhbhanu

The Right Word: Fox News fights class war


Class warfare is the word on everyone’s lips this week, ever since President Obama made the shocking announcement that millionaires, billionaires and corporations will be called upon to pay their fair share in taxes. Bill O’Reilly was so distressed about the presidents attempts to “punish achievement” that it looked as though he might burst into tears on Monday night. Fortunately, he managed to hold it together. He did set the blogosphere on fire however by suggesting that if President Obama does go through with the tax increase on super-rich people, like him, then he may actually quit his job rather than hand over any more of his “sweat equity” to the federal government (view clip).

He played a clip of President Obama saying to a journalist in 2009 that raising taxes in a recession was not a good thing to do. (Actually, the same clip has been playing on a loop on Fox News), and he bemoaned the fact that the president has since changed his mind.

Correct. So let me ask you: what’s changed in two years? The economy is still awful and unemployment’s even higher. So why have you changed your mind about a tax increase on the affluent and business?

O’Reilly may have inadvertently answered his own question. The rich have had their tax cut since 2001, the same tax cut that was supposed to trickle down all sorts of wealth and opportunity on the rest of us, but instead, the opposite has happened. Unemployment is growing, the deficit is growing; indeed, the only thing not growing is the economy.


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