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September 15, 2011 / sadhbhanu

The Right Word: Beck’s back

Obama’s jobs bill maddened conservatives – especially Glenn Beck, who awaits a hero on a capitalist white charger from China

Glenn Beck  launched his new internet venture, GBTV this week and the 230,000 paid subscribers will no doubt have been glad to find that other than the program being three times as long, little has changed. Conspiracy theories abound, there are chalkboards aplenty and Beck wept his way through much of the inaugural episode.

The tears were for 9/11, but by 9/13, they had subsided and he was able to turn his attention to his opposition to the jobs plan. He seemed to think that if we engage in any more spending in America, we will end up like Europe, where tensions are rising because the industrious, BMW-producing Germans are having to bail out the do-nothing Greeks who lounge around on beaches all day wearing speedos and retire at 45. Beck fears that the conflict between the hardworking European nations (Germany) and the lazy ones (everyplace else) will lead to a rise of what he calls the “old right” (fascism) and the “old left” (communism). But he clarifies that the right wing in Europe still comprises socialists because they are for “big government”.

The Germans work hard. They will push back. This will cause the beginning of the rise of the old right. Remember that’s the socialist right; it’s not the American right. It’s the socialist, big-government right, the spooky Nazi right. Greeks are going to push back, which will be the rise of the old left. This is already happening. The Greeks are already saying wait a minute the Germans can’t tell us how to spend our money.

So Europe is struggling to cope with tensions between rightwing socialists and leftwing socialists,

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