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September 9, 2011 / sadhbhanu

The Right Word: Labor Day blues


Our conservative pundits were disgusted by the tone of some of the Labor Day rhetoric from Democratic and union leaders

Rush Limbaugh was also furious about Hoffa’s speech, which he also played in its edited form and accompanied by the Godfather theme music, warning his audience that Hoffa’s words were nothing short of a declaration of war (listen to clip).

“That’s a declaration of war. I mean that is a come-on to violence. That’s a call for violence, folks, from Don Hoffa to Barack Obama, standing right beside him. Can there be any doubt Hoffa, maybe Obama, [have] been thinking of theRepublicans as their bitches ever since he was elected? Detroit has the highest unemployment rate in the US. It’s 15.7%. I hope, before this is all over, Hoffa has to go hide in Italy someplace. This is all about the Tea Party, scared to death. Hoffa wants to go to the mattresses!”

President Obama was not actually “standing right beside” Hoffa, nor did he endorse the language used in his speech – although it is probably safe to assume that he would like to see the Tea Party voted out of Congress, so he can actually implement some economic measures that would prevent a double-dip recession. As it stands, the president may not even be able to secure an extension of the payroll tax cut that affects Americans earning less than $106,800 a year, even though there was no objection by the Tea Party to extending tax cuts for the rich.


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