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June 24, 2011 / sadhbhanu

At least Sarah Palin knows when to quit


The national tour to teach Americans their history has been cut short. Can we hope that Sarah Palin has learned her lesson?

t’s been a difficult couple of weeks for Sarah Palin. The “is she, isn’t she?” running for president storyline, which has secured her lavish attention from the mainstream media she ostensibly loathes, lost its lustre the night she failed to show up for the New Hampshire primary debate. And her thunder was stolen by actual candidates who actually declared that they are actually running. This combined with the disappointing stash of emails, which were less interesting for what the revealed (that governing a small state – at least, Palin-style – is about as riveting as organising a garden fete), than what they were short on (substance, policy ideas and yes, OK, scandal). It was enough to send the media running for shelter – or into the arms of more promising replacements like Michele Bachmann.

And so, on Wednesday, we get the news that Palin is quitting her bus tour half way through, as she did her governorship, and returning to Alaska to enjoy the summer. As with many Palin developments, this latest one defies logic and remains shrouded in confusion. Later the same day, Palin took to Twitter to have a good old laugh at the gullible media for believing the bus tour has been abandoned, insisting she’s just back in Alaska to do some jury duty. And while the “is she, is she not quitting?” is not quite as engaging as the “is she, is she not running?” question, it’s all we are left with for the moment.



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