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April 20, 2011 / sadhbhanu

The Right Word: Royal wedding revolt


As Bill O’Reilly leads a Fox News peasants’ rebellion against the royal wedding pageant, Glenn Beck is off to get his gun

The week got off to a bad start for Bill O’Reilly, who was deeply disturbed by the news thatStandard & Poor’s have downgraded long-term US debt to a negative rating because of concerns that policy makers may fail to reach agreement on our budgetary challenges anytime soon (view clip). Even worse, the Democrats and the president are still harping on about the need to raise revenue by rolling back the tax cuts awarded to rich people by former President Bush (which were temporarily extended last year), yet remain reluctant to cut additional services to the poor, the elderly and to women’s reproductive health.

O’Reilly analyses the situation with Brit Hume, who shared his gloomy outlook. While both men took comfort in the fact that at least the Republican party seems absolutely determined this time around not to back down from their plan to redefine America’s social compact by forcing through additional spending cuts for the poor while awarding additional tax cuts for the rich, they remain fearful that this strategy may backfire come election time.

On a later segment, O’Reilly puts on his commoner hat to have a go at the royal family for foisting Prince William’s lavish wedding plans on the American public, which has no time for Britain’s culture of entitlement. He discusses the issue with Fox News anchor and royal enthusiast Martha MacCallum.

I submit to you this is sport for England. It’s fun for England. They got the old Windsor Castle. They got the old Queen running around. They’ve got all the scandals. It’s fun for the peasants – and I’m a peasant, all right – it’s fun for them. But for America, we don’t recognise this, we don’t have royalty in this country and people like you try to foist it upon us.


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