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April 15, 2011 / sadhbhanu

The Right Word: Taxing times for rich white men


Obama’s speech has sent radio hosts into deficit diatribes, as the president’s plans herald terrible hardship for the wealthy


Michael Savage also had a difficult time getting through the president’s speech and he objected strenuously to what he believes is an unfair portrayal in the media of Republicans as the party of the rich who want to “starve old people and kill women” with their budget plan. He also is convinced that the president (in line with his communist sympathisers) has had a lifelong hatred of the rich and of business people (something he attributes to Obama having never run a lemonade stand as a child), and he feels particularly victimised as a white male who had to fight hard and long to overcome the deep-seated prejudices against his kind to achieve the wealth and privilege he now enjoys.

“The doors were closed to white males. They wanted men like Obama. They wanted women like Sotomayor. They wanted illegal immigrants in the universities and of course that’s why the universities have turned into the cesspools they are today. And after 30 years of fighting them I fought my way into the ring in which I now sit and now they want to tax me even more.”

While it is true that minorities and women have made strides in recent times in terms of getting some of the better jobs, white males have managed to hold their own. Congress, for instance, is still dominated by a huge majority of white males, five of the nine supreme court justices are white males and although the office of the presidency is currently occupied by what Savage refers to as “the imposter” the position is still open to white male applicants.

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