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March 25, 2011 / sadhbhanu

The Right Word: Who calls the shots in Libya?


Conservative radio hosts are up in arms at the coup d’état they’ve uncovered: the White House is now ruled by women

Rush Limbaugh is not surprised by the charge that has been made in certain circles that women (or “nags”, “broads” or “feminazis”, if you prefer) are running the show – at least, when it comes to deciding whether or not the US should intervene in Libya as “someone has to wear the pants suit in the White House” (listen to clip; read transcript).

Yet, we now see that the three people who talked Obama into using force against Libya’sMuammar Gaddafi were all women – Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice and Samantha Power. Leading male advisers were opposed. We’re talking about male liberals, of course they were opposed! It’s the New Castrati. Of course, the males were opposed: they’re sissies. And here’s the No 1, well, the leader of the club. He happens to sit in the Oval Office.

Limbaugh is referring to a blogpost written by CNN senior political analyst David Gergen, who made that rather odd claim that Obama was talked into using force against Gadaffi by the three aforementioned women; Rice, Power and Clinton. As secretary of state, Clinton could only be expected to have had some input into the decision on how to handle the Libyan crisis; the same can be said of Rice and Power in their respective roles. But as the senior editor of the Atlantic, Garance Franke-Ruta, points out, it is more than a little absurd to suggest that senior female aides offering advice and analysis to the president (that is, doing the job they are being paid to do) equates to the president being “nagged” or “henpecked” into taking action that he otherwise would not have taken.

Limbaugh, however, takes the view however that the ladies had no choice but to call the shots because “only the women of Obamaland have any gonads” and that this should be something for women to be happy about.




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