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March 25, 2011 / sadhbhanu

The Right Word: Fox News declares war on dithering



The pundits can’t make up their mind which they dislike more – Obama’s inaction or his action. But they’re not dithering, oh no!

Bill O’Reilly welcomes the “better late than never” military intervention in Libya, but is dismayed by the mixed reaction to the air strikes and invokes Britain’s wartime prime minister, Winston Churchill, to articulate his desire for clarity of vision (view clip).

“Talking Points [that is, O’Reilly’s show] is almost numb, numb from the foolish analysis of the Libyan action. Never have so many said so much useless stuff for stuff.”

O’Reilly’s biggest problem with the intervention is that neither the United Nations nor the American president will say outright that the goal of their mission is to take out Gaddafi (rather than to protect civilians). And while he claims to understand that such a statement might anger our allies or would-be allies in the Arab world, O’Reilly still has no time for all this beating about the Bush.

Even a five year old knows you don’t bomb a country unless you want the country to change. And Libya is not going to change unless Gaddafi is out of there. We all understand that. I don’t know about you but I am tired, tired of the obnoxious verbal game being played.

O’Reilly discusses this with Karl Rove who claims that because the president “dithered” for so long and allowed the UN to take the lead, he is now bound by the language of the UN resolution, which does not state “regime change” as its goal. Rove also contends that Obama’s choice of words is a face-saving measure because if he says he is out to get Gaddafi and then fails to get Gaddafi, it will make him (Obama) and the United States look weaker than Rove believes they already appear. O’Reilly agrees with this assessment but does his bit on behalf of his network’s “fair and balanced” theme, and tries to explain the president’s point of view.


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