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March 25, 2011 / sadhbhanu

The Right Word: Fission at Fox News


Fox News host Glenn Beck settles viewers’ nuclear nerves by demonstrating Fukushima’s safety with a wok and some M&Ms


Glenn Beck was back from vacation and ready to stick it to the New York Times for suggesting last week that Fox News may not renew his contract at the end of the year because he is “crazy”, “apocalyptic” and that he’s “kind of a downer to watch” (view clip). He pointed to some recent Times headlines, such as “Japanese scramble to avert nuclear meltdown”, which he countered were also fairly apocalyptic and kind of a downer. And so he vowed to shed some sunlight on the Japanese situation and to assure his viewers that while the earthquake and tsunami are very bad things, the nuclear meltdown is really nothing to work up a sweat about.

The size and magnitude (of the tsunami) is mind-boggling. Thousands today are dead in Japan and missing. But out of all of the things that could go wrong, and they did, of all of the things that would affect the lives of the average Japanese person and affect your life, I’m trying to figure out how it (the meltdown) is even in the top three? I’m looking at this story and, at best, I see a lazy media.

So, determined not to be lumped in with the rest of the lazy journalists who are spreading stories about radiation and broadcasting images of reactors exploding and acting like it’s a big deal, Beck decides to demonstrate with the assistance of some props (a wok, a steamer, a saucepan, a cutlery container and some tubes of M&Ms) why we should not be in any fear of falling ill or dying from exposure to radiation.

Beck puts the tubes of M&Ms (which represent nuclear rods) into the cutlery container and then into the steamer (the nuclear reactor) which he seals tightly. Then he places the “nuclear reactor” into a large saucepan and seals it off with an upturned wok. Beck then explains that the footage we saw on our televisions of the reactors exploding was just the upturned wok or lid being blown off the saucepan but that the steamer inside, with the nuclear pellets, was still intact. 



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