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March 4, 2011 / sadhbhanu

The Right Word: Rage against the media machine


It’s tough being a conservative talk radio host: people call you racist, Republicans let you 

down, and people just don’t listen!

Limbaugh was offended by an article that appeared in Mediaite suggesting that he was introducing race into an issue in an inappropriate way because of remarks he made on a previous show about Attorney General Eric Holder (listen to clip). (Holder had objected to claims the justice department went easy in a voting rights case against members of the New Black Panther party because they are black.)

I get up today and I get an email from somebody, “Do you realise you’re being attacked for introducing race into this story?” I said, “What? I am being attacked for introducing race into the story?” “Yeah, it’s at Mediaite.” So I went to Mediaite, and indeed, I, El Rushbo, am being accused of introducing race, once again in a very risky way, into the story of Eric Holder suggesting he didn’t want to go anywhere near the Black Panther story because it hurt him because those are his people. And I’m the one injecting race.

Limbaugh couldn’t understand where Mediaite could be coming from, thinking he was a racist for suggesting that the attorney general, who is black, chose not to fully prosecute a case because the defendants were black. He was further troubled by Mediaite’s claims that this was not the first time Limbaugh has spoken inappropriately about race.

You hit the link and it goes to another Mediaite story in which they had a cow because we learned the abortion rate in New York, Planned Parenthood. I simply categorised that as Planned Parenthood finishing the job the Klan never could. I didn’t know, but that set ’em off. Oh, yeah, that blew ’em a new one.

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