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February 2, 2011 / sadhbhanu

The Right Word: Fox News fights chaos

‘Mubarak: bad guy, right? Protesters: bad guys, right?’ Events in Egypt cause conniption fits and confusion over at Fox studios


 Earlier on his own programme (view clip here), Glenn Beck had so many devils dancing around in his brain as a result of the chaos in Egypt that he was at a total loss as to who to support, who to oppose or, indeed, what to do about any of it, other than to urge his viewers to follow the events in Egypt very closely as they are sure to have dire repercussions for Americans. He studied the issue all weekend and raised so many questions in relation to it that it was almost impossible to find one salient point to focus on. For example, he was concerned that a Muslim Caliphate is about to take over the Middle East and parts of Europe; that China is going to control Asia and North Africa, Australia and probably New Zealand; and that Russia will be taking over the old Soviet block and, for some random reason, the Netherlands. 

Then, there was the issue about whether the Middle East is really capable of self-rule, or if they are “crazed animals” who have to be “contained by some dictator”. All in all, it was a wearying hour of television. His thoughts on the “coming insurrection”, of which he spoke in a quivering voice seem worth sharing, however.

I’ve told you that this is a global movement. Could you play this out for me and just humour me for a second? Here, we have Egypt. It started in Tunisia, Tunisia then leapfrogged Libya and went right over here to Egypt. But the fires are starting here, as well [Libya]. But we see them here [Egypt]. This [Tunisia] is already in revolution and flipped. This is in revolution. I want you to look where Israel is, right here, and Israel, the Gaza strip is on fire. You have any idea, this strait, how much congress [sic] is done through here. You, also, this little area. All the oil from the UAE, everything flows through here.




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