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January 28, 2011 / sadhbhanu

The Right Word: Innovation causes aggravation

Conservative talk show hosts are all in agreement that the president’s plan to invest in innovation, infrastructure and education will lead to economic ruin and a weakened America.


Savage opened his segment (listen to clip here) on education by reminding listeners that he has a PhD (from UC Berkeley) and two masters degrees, so he reckons he has as good an idea as anyone about how to fix America’s education system.

“Why do you suppose that the students of America are not excelling in science and math? Could it be because they’re teaching them how to put condoms on cucumbers; that the founding fathers were racist; that America is no good; that they spend half the day talking down about America and half the teachers are science illiterates?!”

So Dr Savage is not denying claims that China is producing more English-speaking engineering graduates than the US or that we are in danger of being “out-educated” by developing countries like South Korea and India, but he had his own ideas about how to address this imbalance – and they were not in line with the president’s goal of diverting more resources to the areas of science or math.

Well, you could achieve that in other ways, as well. You could eliminate all programmes in ESL. Eliminate English as a second language: you’ll save billion of dollars, that’s No 1.

In addition to not teaching English to immigrants, Dr Savage thought that if we really want to compete with the Chinese, we need to stop pandering to liberal notions of promoting diversity and multiculturalism.

You think China spends money in that manner? You think China spends money in their schools telling people how evil China was under Mao Tse-tung when 60 million Chinese died. You think they spend money in the curriculum teaching Mandarin as a second language? Tell me which school in China spends any portion of its budget on Mandarin as a second language for, let us say, illegal aliens from Korea, or illegal aliens from God knows where? Answer: none!

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