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January 19, 2011 / sadhbhanu

The Right Word: Fox News under fire

Conservatives hosts are struggling to get past the anger and denial stages of the grief imposed on them by the Tucson shootings, as they continue to be shocked by the hypocrisy of the “hate-filled” left.

Sean Hannity was granted the much sought-after Sarah Palin exclusive (view clip) and his gentle questioning invoked a performance from her that, no doubt, delighted her fans and drove her detractors to distraction.

To summarise the interview briefly: God was invoked aplenty, condolences were offered to the bereaved and several references were made to the “deaths of innocents”. Mrs Palin was dismissive of the uproar over her target map and said it was “futile to start censoring everyone’s speeches and everyone’s icons”. She thought it irrelevant whether or not she knew what a “blood libel” was because it’s used all the time and, anyway, what was done to her was a blood libel. She’s not yet ready to cash in her chips and announce a presidential run, and she has no plans to shut up or fade into the background anytime soon.

So, there were no great surprises in the interview, but it did provoke a more heated than usual panel discussion, with Hannity staunchly defending the former governor against the token liberal guest, Democratic strategist Chris Hahn, who had the temerity to imply that Palin was insinuating herself into the story once more.

She can’t win if she comes out early; she can’t win if she comes out late. When Robert F Kennedy Jr wrote that I was a “merchant of hate” in response to this, when Robert said I was creating the same atmosphere that killed his uncle – meanwhile, it was an avowed Marxist that killed his uncle, he ought to read history – I responded!

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