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January 5, 2011 / sadhbhanu

The Right Word: Republicans resurgent

Fox News pundits have their tails up as the new year ushers in GOP control of the House of Representatives

Glenn Beck was in fighting form on his first show of 2011 (View clips here). I’m not sure if his petulant mood had anything to do with having recently been dropped by WOR radio for poor ratings or because he continues to lose advertisers on Fox News. Either way, he was determined that, in 2011, there will be a “fundamental transformation of America”, which he intends to be at the centre of. He is tired of being the lone voice articulating the manifold problems facing America, and he will be ignored no longer.

When I told you about all these problems, we installed a red phone. This one. Because they denied that any of these things would happen. They said none of these things would happen. And we put the red phone right here on the desk, and we said “call us if we got it wrong, call us”. They never called. They never will call. I’m not waiting for the call any more. In fact, if I may – [he unplugs the phone cord and discards it] – I’m not interested. There is a new attitude. It is a new year.

Well, that’s them told, whoever “they” may be. He continues, then, to outline (at some length) his plan for the fundamental transformation he believes is necessary, eventually summarising his ideas in a what he calls the “E4 solution”.

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